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Eliminate the Frustration & Anxiety of a Forgotten or Lost Phone

Do you always have a lot of things on your mind that you just can't always remember to take your phone with you, but leaving your phone behind anywhere will cause you a lot of inconvenience and unnecessary stress?

We understand your frustration and we are here to tell you that we have just the solution for you to stop you from forgetting your phone, leaving it behind, or losing it altogether — The Prox PRD® Phone Reminder Device. It gives you the most reliable separation alert and knows when you are about to leave your phone behind. It will watch out for your phone 24/7/365, especially during those times when you're busy and can't; the PRD has your back.

With the PRD, you and your phone are safe with us; it eliminates any frustration and anxiety that you'll have from not having your phone. The PRD is simple to use — no subscription, no registration, no data collected or sold, no tracking (100% privacy), no false alerts; you're up and running in 30 seconds. Can't beat that!

Get yourself a Prox PRD today so you don't have to skip a beat in your daily routine! The PRD is just what you need because we know how valuable your time is and it shouldn't be wasted.


The Prox PRD® Phone Reminder Device – Separation Alert

Phone Separation Alert | Phone Reminder | Phone Tether | Phone Finder | Phone Leash | Phone Tracker | Find My Phone

No subscription | No data collected or sold | CR2032: 1-year battery life (typical)

No password | No app | No registration | iPhone, Samsung, Google Pixel Compatible

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