Prox PRD™ alerted and phone is nearby

First, be sure your phone is on the PRD compatibility list detailed in the User Manual.  If compatible, there are several possibilities where the PRD will alert even if the phone is within proximity:

1) The phone is turned off;

2) The phone's Bluetooth® is turned off; or

3) There has been a temporary break in the RF signal caused by some obstruction, such as an arm laying over the PRD

In these cases, turning the phone and/or its Bluetooth back on or removing the obstruction that is breaking the RF signal, should allow the PRD to reconnect with the phone.  A single-click on the PRD will yield a blue or red LED, with blue indicating that the PRD is on and connected to the phone and red indicating that the PRD is still disconnected.

Phone and Bluetooth are turned on, PRD alerted and is within proximity of the phone, but PRD won't reconnect with the phone

If using alert distance "1", the PRD will need to be next to the phone in order to reconnect. This setting is specifically designed to only reconnect when the phone is retrieved (i.e., in your hand) and next to the PRD.

If the PRD and phone are next to each other and, after 5 seconds, the PRD still has not reconnected with the phone, then the phone's OS is temporarily not updating the Bluetooth properly (e.g., the phone is momentarily ignoring Bluetooth).  This is a very rare occasion and can be remedied by doing the following on your phone: Go to Settings > Bluetooth > tap on your device name (PRD_XXXX) to force it to reconnect.

Replaced battery and now the PRD won't work

Most likely the PRD was not completely snapped back together.  If the outer case is not fully snapped back into place and secured, the PRD speaker will not work, or it will work intermittently.  Look at the PRD from the side to see which corners have not been fully snapped into place.

Note that when replacing the battery, the PRD will still be paired to your phone, but the PRD's default settings will be restored.  Be sure to dispose of the old battery based on your local recycling regulations.

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