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Leaving the PRD in your car

When the PRD is left in the car and you are away from it for an extended period of time, the PRD will disconnect and go into sleep mode after 15 minutes of inactivity, thus conserving battery.  It's recommended to put the PRD in the side pocket of the driver's side door.  When you return to the car and you open the car door, the PRD will wake up and either reconnect with your phone (if you have it with you), or it will alert to let you know that you don't have your phone with you.  The alert is loud enough to be heard even if the PRD is placed in the glove compartment, center console, or under the seat.

Note: If the interior of the vehicle reaches extreme temperatures (e.g., in the middle of a hot summer day), battery life may be shortened.


PRD can be used with iPads & Samsung tablets

If you have an Apple or Android tablet for personal or business use that needs protecting, the PRD can help you not forget your tablet or leave it behind.  The PRD is just as effective and reliable with tablets as it is with phones; it works with iPadOS 14.0 or later and Android 8.0 or later.

Note: The PRD can only pair with one mobile device at a time; either a tablet
OR a phone, but not both. If you wish to pair a PRD to both devices, you will need to purchase a PRD for the tablet and a separate PRD for the phone. Setting each of these two PRDs at different alert tunes can help distinguish which PRD has been assigned to which mobile device.

Attaching the PRD to a door

Do you need to know when a door is opened (e.g., front door at home, hotel room, etc.) for security purposes?  Simply leave the PRD in "Home Mode" (default), hang it on the door knob, and turn off your phone's Bluetooth.  If the door moves, the PRD will wake up and alert because it cannot connect to your phone.


Attaching the PRD to your luggage

Need to take a quick nap at the airport during a long layover and want to make sure that your luggage doesn't move away from you? Attach the PRD to your luggage and turn off your phone's Bluetooth.  If your luggage moves, the attached PRD will wake up and alert because it cannot connect to your phone.


Using the PRD for social media

The PRD's remote selfie clicker can be used to take pictures and record video on Instagram and SnapChat.  Click the button two (2) times to snap a picture (in camera mode) or start/stop recording (in video mode).  Your group selfies just got that much better.

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Alternative Uses for Prox PRD

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