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How Often Do People Forget Their Cell Phones in the Bathroom?

Cell phones have become an essential part of our lives, providing us with constant

communication, access to information, and entertainment. However, it's not uncommon for people to forget their cell phones in the bathroom. In fact, this is a common occurrence that affects people of all ages and backgrounds.

45% of people have left their cell phone behind in the bathroom

According to a survey conducted by a tech company, 45% of people have left their cell phone behind in the bathroom. This is not surprising considering how distracted we can get while using our phones in the bathroom. We may be scrolling through social media, listening to music, or checking emails, and before we know it, we've left our phone behind.

Bathrooms are moist and humid

Forgetting a cell phone in the bathroom can be frustrating, especially if it's a regular occurrence. In addition to the inconvenience of not having access to our phone, there is also the risk of the phone being damaged by moisture. Bathrooms are known to be moist and humid environments, which can cause water damage to electronic devices and their components.

Establish a routine

To avoid forgetting your cell phone in the bathroom, it's important to establish a routine. For example, you can place your phone in a designated spot before entering the bathroom, such as on a shelf or in a pocket. This way, you'll be less likely to forget it when you leave.

Use a Prox PRD®, Amazon Echo, or Google Home

Another way to avoid forgetting your phone is to take advantage of technology. A PRD such as the Prox PRD phone reminder device, alerts you when you are out of proximity of your phone, reminding you that you have left your phone behind. You can also use a smart home device, such as Amazon Echo or Google Home, to remind you to grab your phone before leaving the bathroom.


Forgetting your cell phone in the bathroom is a common occurrence that affects many people. To avoid this frustration, it's important to establish a routine and take advantage of technology. By doing so, you can ensure that your cell phone is always within reach and protected from potential damage.


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